Why become a Taxation Technician?

Tax won’t disappear

  • there will always be a need for tax professionals regardless of the state of the economy

Jobs are in every sector and industry

  • Taxation Technicians are employed by professional services firms, accounting firms, tax specialist firms, in businesses, banks, by charities and in the public sector

Choice of which kind of tax you want to focus on

  • personal tax, business / corporation tax, inheritance and estate tax, environmental tax and VAT

Flexible study and exams

  • many trainees work part-time or full-time and modular exams are available twice a year

Career progression

  • studying for the ATT and becoming a member provides the opportunity to progress from a tax trainee, to a tax manager, to a tax senior with corresponding increases in salary and responsibility. Many ATT members go on to run their own businesses

Broaden options for the future

  • open the doors to other qualifications. ATT membership provides credit towards other finance qualifications, e.g. CTA (The Chartered Tax Adviser qualification) and ACCA.

Become part of something

  • you’ll join a network and a membership body of like-minded students and members to support you, your job, your technical learning and your professional development


  • with a membership of over 8,300 the Association of Taxation Technicians is the leading professional body for those providing tax compliance services and related activities in the UK.

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