Continuing Professional Development Regulations

Up until 2016 members are required to undertake a minimum of 45 hours CPD per calendar year, of which at least 15 hours should be non-reading.

From the 1 January 2017 new CPD regulations come into force and the updated regulations and guidance is included below.  Members may choose to adopt the new regulations when recording and providing details for 2016.

The Branch Network offers a programme of technical lectures and seminars designed to meet the training needs of the membership; some of which also carry Law Society accreditation. The Members' Conferences are also a good source of structured CPD hours.

The Association undertakes an annual random CPD check and members must submit their records when requested. Members are strongly advised to update their CPD records regularly and to retain them for the current year and the previous three calendar years. CPD forms are available to download below.

Please note that are required to self-certify your CPD compliance and this can be done via the Annual Return in May/June each year.

Please see here for more Guidance