Supporting your staff during their training

Supporting your ATT staff

Supporting Your Staff During Training

You can help your staff to improve their success rates by:

Providing time and space to study

Many organisations find that giving their staff paid study leave (to attend classes, revise or sit exams) boosts ATT pass rates.

Work experience and mentoring

Shadowing colleagues, and placements or job swaps in different departments, gives students the chance to master the skills they learn during ATT training. Appointing a mentor for your ATT students can also help their confidence and understanding to grow as they train.

Attending branch events & Student Training Conferences

As ATT members or students, your employees will be able to attend the Student Training Conference and events at our branches. Many of these focus on specific topics and relevant issues - like tax changes after the Budget or new financial legislation. Not only do they provide essential information for your trainees but in addition they are an excellent source of CPD for your qualified staff.

Support progression to ATT membership

Support progression to ATT membership

Once they complete and passed the required exams, most students choose to become an ATT member, which allows them to use the letters ATT after their name. By encouraging your ATT qualified staff to become full members, you can be sure that

  • they are committed to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date
  • their contribution to the professionalism of your team is enhanced
  • they receive the full benefits of ATT membership