Route to ATT Membership

1. Register with ATT

Students must register with the ATT as an individual whether or not their employer is sponsoring their studies. They can register at any time, but there are two annual registration deadlines. Register by 31 December to take exams the following May and register by 30 June for the following November sitting.

2. Enrol with training provider

Next, students will need to enrol on a training course for their three chosen papers. A number of commercial organisations run ATT courses as do further and higher educational colleges. A list of current course providers is on the ATT website.

3. Passes in 3 written exams & 2 Computer Based Examinations (CBEs)

Students need to formally enter for the examinations. Passes in three written papers and two CBEs are required for ATT qualification and students can choose to sit between one and three papers at each sitting.

There are two compulsory papers: Personal Taxation and Business Taxation & Accounting Principles. You choose one other from Business Compliance, Corporate Taxation, IHT Trusts & Estates or VAT. Resits can be taken and students will need to re-enter for the papers and pay the examination fees again.

4. Two years' relevant work experience

To qualify as an ATT member, students also need two years’ relevant work experience and to pay the annual membership fee. In line with other professional bodies, we require our members to update their skills and expertise with continuing professional development (CPD).

5 ATT Membership

The ATT brings many benefits beyond professional status to its members. Two annual conferences and regular branch meetings offer valuable networking opportunities and help members stay up-to-date with ever-changing tax legislation. They also enjoy discounts on professional training, tax information products and a range of services including hotels, car hire and insurance.