ATT Annual Conferences

The ​Association ​of ​Taxation ​Technicians ​are ​pleased ​to ​announce ​the ​2017 ​ATT ​Annual ​Conference ​series. 

This ​conference ​concentrates ​on ​topical ​issues ​with ​an ​emphasis ​on ​the ​practical ​issues ​faced ​on ​a ​daily ​basis ​by ​the ​Taxation ​Technician. ​Our ​knowledgeable ​speakers ​provide ​detailed ​notes ​and ​illustrate ​their ​lectures ​with ​practical ​examples ​gained ​from ​their ​experience ​in ​practice. ​The ​conference ​also ​gives ​you ​an ​ideal ​opportunity ​to ​network ​with ​like-minded ​professionals. ​ 

Topics: ​

  • Selected Budget update points (including MTD);
  • Property incorporations - the case for and against;
  • The new PCRT- practical problem solving for advisers;
  • Don't be HIT by IHT - what everyone should know;
  • Profit extraction for OMBs - where are we now?
  • The sharing and gig economies;
  • VAT and the Flat Rate Scheme.

Venues ​and ​dates:

Bristol ​– ​Tuesday, ​16 ​May ​2017 
Double ​Tree ​Hilton ​- ​Redcliffe ​Way, ​Bristol ​ 

Stirling ​– ​Monday, ​22 ​May ​2017 
Stirling ​Court ​Hotel ​ 

Haydock ​– ​Thursday, ​15 ​June ​2017 
Holiday ​Inn ​– ​Haydock ​ 

Newcastle ​– ​Wednesday, ​21 ​June ​2017 
Newcastle ​Centre ​for ​Life ​ 

London ​– ​Saturday, ​24 ​June ​2017 
Holiday ​Inn ​– ​Bloomsbury ​ 

Belfast ​– ​Thursday, ​29 ​June ​2017: ​ 
Radisson ​Blu ​Hotel ​– ​Belfast ​ 
Birmingham ​– ​Tuesday ​11 ​July ​2017 
Radisson ​Blu, ​Holloway ​Circus ​– ​Birmingham ​ 


• ATT members and students: £150
  The above reduced rate also applies to AAT, ACCA, ICAS, CIMA and Accounting Technician Ireland Member(s) or Student(s)
• Non Members: £220

Attendance ​at ​the ​Annual ​Tax ​Conference ​will ​also ​give ​you ​6 ​hours ​of ​Continuing ​Professional ​Development.

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